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    Desert Exchange is the most advanced and trusted Exchange Company in the field of money transfer, currency exchange and remittances.


    Under the exchange company license, Desert Exchange is authorized to deal in the business of currency exchange, travelers\' Cheques, bank drafts and inward/outward remittances in a regulated environment.


    The company is authorized to set up its own branches for full range of services. The Company is also allowed to import & export foreign currencies from/to all over the world


    Desert Exchange is the money transaction company of the General Public of UAE and Others.


    Trust and reliability are the mottos, which is the foundation of Desert Exchange customer base. With headquarter in Dubai Desert Exchange is founded by Money Exchange experts to offer various services in Money Exchange


    Foreign Exchange and remittance is at the heart of our business. Desert Exchange with its well-trained multilingual frontline team and very attractive ambience serves retail and corporate customers by directly providing foreign exchange and international remittances services through a range of convenient channels.


    In addition to this we also work with a range of business partners to offer foreign currency services and remittances for their business needs.


    Desert Exchange is proud to be one of the fastest growing exchange houses in the region and we work hard every day to keep it that way. We do so by striving to achieve excellence and making sure our customers are given fast and the best service they deserve.


    We constantly look for ways to build even stronger relationships with our customers, by offering relevant products and services through a wide range of channels and giving our customers great service whenever and wherever they deal with

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    As a responsible Exchange Centre Desert Exchange is committed to supporting both domestic and international efforts and initiatives aimed at combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism in addition to implementing such internal measure as may be deemed necessary.

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